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Starting New With Confidence by Mari Vasan: Access internal resources and empowering emotions in order to start something new and move forward with confidence. This is the full version, with the introduction, once you have listened to this version, you might like to re-listen to the shorter version with no introduction.

Starting New After a Tragedy by Mari Vasan: Have you been through a tragedy or a big disappointment and you would like to move forward and start new? This relaxing recording will help you access internal resources and empowering emotions so that you can move beyond challenges. 


Whenever you are haunted by the past or worrying about the future you are not in the present. Bring yourself back to the present and calm your nervous system with tools such as a Physiological Sigh, the 4-7-8 Breath, or Tapping.


Move stuck energy through your body with either breath, sound (sing, or yell in a way that doesn’t hurt your throat), or movement (dance, exercise, etc.).


Connect with others, especially those who have experienced a similar tragedy.


Allow your emotions to flow. Any emotion fully felt and expressed will eventually transform to something else.


Connect to how you will feel when you are beyond any current challenges. The best way to do this is to ask yourself how you will feel when you are past it, or in a state of acceptance.


Determine how you want to be as you move through the next steps. You are the director of your life! That doesn’t mean that you choose everything that happens to you. But it does mean that you can decide how you want to respond. And from which emotional state you will respond. (And remember, the movie of your life has a long way to go).


Choose an empowering meaning for the events that transpired – OR:  trust that an empowering meaning will be revealed to you at some point.


For moving forward and starting new…if you are learning new things, remember that you know how to learn. You have learned so many things before.


Chunk it: One day at a time; one step at a time.


Trust that you can have empowering emotions. And sometimes they can appear when you least expect it.

Going through a tough time? This deeply relaxing recording can help you to rest calmly and connect to your inner resources when there is chaos and stress around. You come from a long line of survivors. Focus on what you can control -- and carry on, step by step, day by day…as you positively influence what you can. Knowing that better, calmer times will come. Donated by Uncommon Knowledge, LTD.

Solutions Flow to You by Laura King: This hypnosis recording invites you to imagine a dry erase board filled with obstacles or difficulties that you can erase away. You are guided to be open to the flow of solutions. Allow your mind to create them; accept them and act upon them. As solutions flow to you, you feel peace and you are focused on the outcomes that you want.

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