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Going through a tough time? This deeply relaxing recording can help you to rest calmly and connect to your inner resources when there is chaos and stress around. You come from a long line of survivors. Focus on what you can control -- and carry on, step by step, day by day…as you positively influence what you can. Knowing that better, calmer times will come. Donated by Uncommon Knowledge, LTD.

Wholeness Work Meditation by Connierae Andreas: The Wholeness Work offers a simple method to “de-stress” at perhaps the deepest level. It can help us refresh and reset the nervous system, so we can experience greater clarity and peace, even in the midst of outer turmoil.

Keep Cam & Carry On

For Anyone Helping
Others in a Time of Chaos

For Helpers During a Time of Chaos by Mari Vasan: For those who help others and take on too much of the burden of the client/patient/case. Get relief from taking on the issues of others. 

Other techniques to release anxiety and stress



Breathing is a very powerful tool. When you breathe in certain ways, you can calm your nervous system. When we breathe slowly and consciously, we are taking control of our physiology.

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Tapping on specific acupressure points while thinking lightly of something that disturbed you sends signals to your brain that you are safe. It helps to rewire your brain.

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Havening is a self-soothing practice that sends signals to your brain, through the nerve endings in your skin, that you are safe. Using the havening touch on the face, upper arms, and hands can rapidly reduce stress and improve immune response. It's fast, easy, and can be done by anyone, at any age. 

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Hypnosis is extremely powerful. It engages your unconscious mind (by far the most powerful aspect of your mind) to help you heal. We have many hypnosis recordings to help you calm your nervous system.

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Are you tired of feeling anxious? This empowering course will give you multiple, science backed tools to reduce anxiety on your own. There are 20 segments, ranging from 3-25 minutes each.

All taught by Melissa Tiers, author of the Anti-anxiety Toolkit and a leading hypnosis trainer for therapists, psychiatrists, hypnotists, and coaches around the world.

Gifted to you by Melissa Tiers.

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