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Unburdened Sleep by Mari Vasan: This soothing sleep hypnosis is for someone who wants to sleep peacefully and release stresses of the day, week, or past. This recording is not meant for someone who has been through a recent intense trauma. Rather, it is for someone who feels safe in their surroundings.


You will relax you as you allow sleep to descend upon you, bringing gratitude into your heart. You are invited to let go of things that are not serving you. You allow your body to follow its natural rhythms and to sleep peacefully. You are bathed in a healing light that resets, rejuvenates, and refreshes. Sleep descends upon you, and you welcome it.

Sleep Hypnosis by John Allen Watts: John’s calming and comforting voice reminds you that your body already knows how to sleep. You are gently guided to follow your breath and relax any tension in the body…finding peaceful rest. 

Fall Asleep with Waves by Doug O'Brien: If you are a beach lover you will likely enjoy this audio with a progressive body relaxation, as well as suggestions for learning and creativity flow.

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