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This video has been deleted.

Healing from the Roots by John Allen Watts: This is a powerfully healing hypnosis audio which can help you release underlying psychological causes of illness. It also can help build life force at this important time.  John uses his experience in healing himself to empower you as well.

10-Minute Wake-up by John Allen Watts: A gentle wake-up to bring you gently back into your body after sleeping. Awaken and rise with a quiet, peaceful stillness.  Enjoy this guided meditation for positive energy, relaxation, and peace, with an emphasis on abundance and love. This is a good meditation for beginners and all levels.

Healing from Illness by Laura King: This hypnosis recording is for those who have had illness and would like to heal. Let go of fear, pain and resentment, and have confidence about your health and the future. Laura guides you to a beautiful sanctuary with a healing waterfall. Your health and stamina are being restored, as you eat healthy, exercise, and release stress because you accept yourself as lovable. Feel refreshed, peaceful, balanced, and grateful. Feel strong, healthy, and enjoy your life. Life goes on and so do you…with a positive mindset.

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